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Road to Success
(Program Testimonal Video)

This was an assignment for my job at the LaGuardia Community College Marketing Department. I was hired as the videographer for their Street Team, a group of student employees meant to bridge the gap between faculty and our peers. The Road to Success program was to report back to their funders after their first year of operation and they wanted a video to serve as a large part of that presentation. I was heavily involved in the conceptualization and every other facet of this video. I interviewed multiple participants in the program before decided who would make it to the filming stage for the video. I filmed and transcribed each interview. During the edit, I was constantly in communication with our branding director who would tell me what changes I needed to make to each draft of the video. This video went through at least 10 full drafts before it was released on the school's YouTube page. This is a satisfying project for me because it was my first as part of a professional team with branding guidelines and strict deadlines.

Equipment Used: Canon 6D,Zoom H4N Audio Recorder

Applications Used: Adobe Premiere, Adobe After Effects

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