Influences and Inspirations
(think of this section as my vision board of sorts)

Flying Lotus - Coronus, The Terminator
(Music Video)

Flying Lotus has the best music videos in the game right now. Often times, especially nowadays, music videos are disposable works, meant to be easily digested and simply go viral. Flying Lotus is in the business of making short films. Check it out and see for yourself. Be ready to watch it multiple times.

The Miz - Hate Me Now
(Wrestlemania 27 Promo Video)

WWE has an amazing team of video producers. When Wrestlemania, the professional wrestling equivalent of the Super Bowl, comes around, they rely on this team to create videos to breakdown and build hype for their biggest storylines. For this particular event, the task was to build The Miz, a former MTV reality star, into a legitimate champion for his main event match against the company's biggest star, John Cena. This video accomplishes that with great shot composition, a wide range of b-roll, and solid storytelling.

Bruno Mars - That's What I Like
(Music Video)

Bruno Mars has been killin it with this new album, 24K Magic. His latest video, "That's What I Like" is super simple with Bruno just dancing in front of a simple backdrop but it's the animation that really sets it apart. There are simple line drawings that come to life and accent the lyrics and Bruno's dance moves. It's minimal and very effective. That's what I like too.