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All Wolves No Sheep Tattoo Parlour
(Business Identity Video)

All Wolves No Sheep Tattoo Parlour is located in Brooklyn, New York. The owner contacted me about producing an indentity video for their website and for their Yelp profile. I came to the shop on a busy weekend and shot for two days. The goal was to capture the energy of the crew as well as show off their artistic ability. I was under strict orders not to show too much in the videos, as the owner wanted the viewer to be interested enough to look at their photos and be sold there. I decided to go with one of the artists as the narrator for the piece, which I think gave it a good flow. There were so many interesting art pieces in the shop that finding good b-roll was just a matter of deciding which ones spoke to me most. This was a fun project that I'd love to do more of.

Equipment Used: Canon 6D, Tripod, Custom Lighting, Zoom H4N Audio Recorder

Applications Used: Adobe Premiere

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