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The Sankofa Jam
(Party Promotional Video)

Typically I try to stay away from night club/party videos are they aren't usually my cup of tea. The Sankofa Jam is such a unique party though, that I jumped at the chance to produce a quick promotional video for them. This was one of a few shorts I did for them to post on Instagram in the days leading up to party. This is on my portfolio because of the efficiency in which I was able to agree to the assignment to when I delivered a final product. This project took me less than a day and I am very happy with the result. This was also my first time using After Effects (to track the text to the wall in the opening) for a paid client, and it went very well. The promoter provided me with all of the video footage, so all I had to do was create a visual from it as well as motion graphics.

Applications Used: Adobe Premiere, Adobe After Effects

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