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Pat with a Camera
(Visual Documentary)

This was an assignment for my Internet Video class at LaGuardia Community College. Inspired by "Man with a Movie Camera", the assignment was to capture my day-to-day life in a short video collage. Set to the track "Str8 Outta Mumbai" by Jai Paul (currently known as Jai Wolf), I decided to focus on the things I spent most of my time on; working two jobs, going to school, eating with friends, playing with my cat and watching wrestling. The goal was to make it feel like a bit of a blur, because that's how it feels to me. Quick cuts were used to bring that effect out and the music attacks from multiple angles so it adds to the disorienting feel. This was during my first year in New York, so I wanted to capture some of that as well.

Equipment Used: Canon 6D, Canon Rebel t3i

Applications Used: Adobe Premiere

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